Sales Promotion Tools in Residential Real Estate

Tools for increasing sales in residential real estate are a matter that deeply worries both Ukrainian and foreign investors in the Ukrainian housing sector. Due to the urgency of this issue for the URE Club members, on September 21, 2017, a meeting of the club members was organized, where the best marketing strategies of the Ukrainian real estate market were presented.

A Modern Approach to Increasing Sales of Real Estate

The main partner of the event was Zenvision, representatives of which presented a solution dealing with interactive visualization of real estate objects. Such hardware can enhance the functionality and effectiveness of sales departments, as they will add an emotional effect to the process of presenting real estate objects and will help managers present a house or an apartment in a convenient, visual form.



It is well known,”  Maxim Polishkevych, Managing Partner of the Rezultat law firm  expressed his opinion, “that selling an apartment in a house that does not exist yet is an extremely difficult marketing task. After all, any buyer dreams to see and feel what he/she buys. For the Rezultat law firm, which has recently become the URE Club member and specialized in construction business support, the meeting on tools to increase sales of residential real estate became extremely useful.”

The speeches of Tetiana Tovmach (Digital Builders Agency) and Mykhailo Lysyi (HATS) were equally informative. In particular, Tetiana Tovmach made a presentation entitled “How to Make Digital Work for Yourself” on the importance of implementing analytics and call tracking to track the effectiveness of advertising channels and the proper management of advertising budgets for real estate projects. Mykhailo Lysyi presented the HATS Real Estate Showroom—all new buildings under one roof.

At the event, there also took place the presentation and sale of the book AUDIT OF SALES. NEW BUILDINGS from Audit of Sales. The book was prepared on the basis of a large-scale audit of the sales departments of housing societies of Kyiv and the Oblast, the Ukrainian Real Estate Club team directly helped to organize.