Cherkasy Rezultat Law Firm Marks the 9th Anniversary of its Activities

During the years of legal practice, the firm has conducted successful cases in the areas of investment projects, tax consulting, litigation, IT, land legal relations, registration of enterprises, foreign economic activity, entering the European Union markets, etc.

Rezultat has become a reliable partner for dozens of business organizations, companies, and individuals who ascertained the confidentiality, transparency, independence, and most importantly—the quality of the services provided and high performance.

“Nine years ago, the Rezultat law firm was a 12-square-meter office without windows, which had only a clothes hanger, a wardrobe, and a table, designed for two employees and one guest. But, besides equipment and furniture, Rezultat is primarily people. It was those people who believed that by providing professional legal services of the highest quality, one could take a decent place on the market. The people who believed that corruption was not a key factor in relations with the authorities. The people who believed that effective work and high professional standards could make a small local law firm successful.

Now, our firm is a leading player on the legal services market in the city of Cherkasy and Cherkasy district. We provide top quality legal services to many regional companies, including international ones. We’ve accompanied the attraction of millions of dollars of direct investment in the region. We help to make deals, invest, build, solve disputes. We promote the development of legal culture and legal services market in Cherkasy region”

Managing Partner and Founder Maxim Polishkevych says.

The law firm partners also share their experience of cooperation

“When faced with an urgent legal task, we turn to the Rezultat law firm. This firm always provides quality services in a timely manner, which is extremely important in our work”

Chief Technology Officer at Andersen Oleksandr Orlov points out.

 Among those who thank the Rezultat law firm for its efficient and high quality service delivery is Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which, over the years of long-term cooperation, has been convinced of the reliability of the partnership.

“The Rezultat firm has proved itself as a reliable partner and a professional team. The team style is marked by transparency, confidentiality, and creative approach to solving the most complex issues. Lawyers of the firm actively participate in conferences, seminars, and trainings, including those conducted on the basis of Cherkasy CCI”

President of Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serhii Pershyn expresses his position with wishes of new achievements and further dynamic development.

“What is important in resolving legal issues, is efficiency without loss in qualitative indicators. That’s how professionals work. During the years of cooperation with the Rezultat law firm, we are always convinced of its responsibility, discipline, and most importantly— performance. Every time, you help us minimize risks and improve the legal support of the firm. We appreciate an individual approach to customer requirements. I hope that over the years, you will only be thriving and improving.”

Vadym Ovcharenko, Head of the Tryzovahro farming enterprise, also acknowledged the firm’s productive work

At the same time, Maxim Polyshkevych expresses his deep gratitude to the Clients who while choosing between the corrupt deals and sometimes longer and more complicated but legitimate way of solving the problem, choose the second option.

“Like it was nine years ago, we are still young and ambitious. Though now, we are also wise and experienced”

the Rezultat’s founder adds.