The Eastern Europe Real Estate Forum, or the EE Real Estate Forum 2017, which was organized for the third time by the URE Club, was held on November 23, 2017, in Kyiv.

That event was of interest to leading real estate experts, investors, bankers, and developers from all over the world. The Forum participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with the best projects and new investment opportunities of such countries as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova. In total, more than 200 industry professionals from 12 countries took part in the Forum.

The purpose of the Forum co-hosting with the representatives of different states was primarily to establish a dialogue between foreign specialists and investors and to attract their attention to the Ukrainian real estate market. The organizers noted that every year, the number of foreign visitors during the EE Real Estate Forum was growing significantly. So, this year, Turkish investors have shown considerable activity.

Within the four discussion panels, the experts discussed investment opportunities and potential of the participating countries, the problems of urban and social project development, trends in each of the segments of the real estate market, legal aspects and relations with state authorities during work with the investor, residential real estate market trends, etc.

“The importance of such large-scale projects and forums cannot be overestimated, as the format allows not only to update the information about the features of the modern real estate market, but also to join in discussing the most pressing problems in this area.”

Maxim Polishkevych, Managing Partner of the Rezultat law firm, which became a member of the URE Club in 2017, positively responded to the event

In addition, a pleasant surprise, according to Maxim Polishkevych, was the participation in the event of the Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Lev Partskhaladze, who spoke at the opening of the Forum with a welcome word. Given the urgency of the issues raised during the EE Real Estate Forum 2017, one can confidently say that next year’s event is quite able to attract a greater number of participants which is definitely positive in the context of the main goal of the URE Club activities: to develop the real estate market, improve its investment attractiveness and perception by the international business community