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Eight Years of Rezultat

The Rezultat law firm has celebrated its eighth birthday! And let the skeptics say that it is not such a milestone anniversary, but the Greeks considered that figure sacred, as it symbolized the infinity of creative power, thought, and idea. For partners and lawyers of our team, it is only an occasion to draw a small line.

During those eight years, we have allocated to ownership and usage of our clients almost 16 thousand hectares of land, won more than 200 lawsuits, put into operation more than 27 thousand square meters of residential and commercial real property, worked out almost 1.5 thousand hours pro bono in the interests of combatants, low income people, and non-profit non-governmental organizations.

Now, the Rezultat law firm employs experts in the field of agricultural and building law, land relations and real property, corporate law and taxes, foreign economic activity and intellectual property law. The firm has proved itself as a reliable partner due to the observance of the principles of independence, transparency, confidentiality, individuality, expertise, and effectiveness in its activities.

We build our activities taking advantage of the experience of the best foreign practices, and despite the skepticism of some of our colleagues and competitors regarding building a Western-style law firm within the context of an extremely high level of corruption, we have succeeded in ensuring a high-quality representation of our clients’ interests in relations with contractors, public authorities, and in litigation. Due to this, we have gained enough client confidence to implement the unpopular in Ukraine model of hourly wage.

Among our clients are leaders in agribusiness, construction business, companies specializing in international trade and IT companies. Thank you, our friends, for supporting us and growing with us. We, in turn, promise to further enhance our professionalism and quality of services.