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We Are Pleased to Inform You of Two Important News

Dear friends and customers!

First of all, we’ve moved to a new spacious office in the city center, where you can still consult our specialists and order the necessary legal services. Now, it’s even more comfortable and enjoyable! As, from now on, we are at 242/1 Shevchenko Boulevard, office 803. Thanks to your trust in our team, we are growing and developing.

The second, but not less important news is that we have not only increased the number of square meters. But the Rezultat law firm is pleased to welcome in its team the new partner Artem Suchylo! Artem is a lawyer with a great deal of knowledge and experience, an expert on ISO certification, licensing, registration of intellectual property, as well as privatization of state and communal property.


We are succeeding precisely because of the growth and development of your business, for this reason our employees continue to improve at trainings and seminars to enhance their skills and quality of service. The responsible approach of our specialists and your development proposals have allowed us to significantly improve the efficiency of our team and accelerate the processes of solving your problems, even in a difficult period for our country. We are proud of our success and are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved!



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