Maxim Polishkevych says about registration of land lease agreements

The representative of the peasants Maxim Polishkevych says: the speed of registration agreements shows subjective interest of registration service in this process. Hundreds of thousands unregistered agreements are there, but they start to register these. – argues lawyer Full text of Ukrainian article vechirka.net     all news

Cherkasy agency of the NGO Chamber of Tax Consultants was opened on the basis of the Law Firm Rezultat

As part of the practice of tax consulting Liliya Goncharova and Anna Senyuta became  members of the Chamber of Tax Consultants. Now as members of CTC our lawyers joined the Public Council under the Main State Fiscal Service in Cherkasy region. These steps are aimed primarily at improving the quality of legal services to legal […] Read more

Feb, 05, 2015


About Cherkassy elections

“Gromadska solidarnist” was thirteenth number. VO “Solidarnist” was forteenth. Not every voter when looking at ballot, Your Honor, can distinguish these two political forces.

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The lawyers of our team successfully represented the team of the future President of Ukraine

Cherkassy Regional Administrative Court cancelled decision of territorial election commission  about the approval of ballot for the election of city council members. Full text of Ukrainian article pravda.com.ua     all news

Sep, 05, 2014



Maxim Polishkevych commented the election to Cherkasy City Council

Re-sortition is not provided by law in the case of error, – said Maxim Polishkevych. The member of territorial election commission, after choosing lot, should  mix the rest one, but it was not done. Such violation could create legal collisions for the recognition of citizens will illegal.   Full text of Ukrainian article bbc.com   […] Read more

May, 16, 2014



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