Your rights at work

Maxim Polishkevych, the Managing Partner of the Resultat Law Firm explains your rights at work and specific features of labour legislation.

Even if you don’t have a written employment contract, the laws still support the employee’s side. The absence of such a contract doesn’t prove that the employee has no connection to the company.

An employment contract is meant to be concluded if the employee has started to work with the consent or on the instructions of the employer or his representative. The employer is required to formalize the contract with the employee within three working days from the actual beginning of the work – no matter whether a person is working on probation period or has successfully completed it.

Your rights during probation period

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Apr, 19, 2016

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  • Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce and Industry—Partnership

Today, Cherkasy Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the powerful centers of business activity and business communications in the Cherkasy region. That is why in order to provide quality legal services in the field of international commercial law, entering the EU markets, as well as in order to further attract and support investment […] Read more

Apr, 03, 2016


Your rights when dealing with the police

Communication with police happens much more often than we’d like to, that’s why it’s so important to know your rights, especially if this communication occurs without your initiative.

There are three main principles you should remember if a police officer stops you:

  • don’t provoke
  • don’t offend
  • don’t run away

On the other hand, a policeman should act courteously, introduce himself or herself and he or she shouldn’t require personal documents without obvious reason.[…] Read more

Feb, 09, 2016

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Rights of access to information

Rights of access to information are clearly defined in the Law of Ukraine “On Access to the Public Information”, which was adopted in 2011. According to this Law, the public information is any information, which is available in national or local authorities, and which is not regarded as information with limited access. For obtaining of valuable public information you may apply to any public or local authorities, as well as to all the companies which have information about the state of the environment, the quality of food and other products, as well as disasters, natural hazards and other emergency situations that have occurred or may occur and threaten the health and safety of citizens.

Rights of access to information about a person are clearly described in the Law of Ukraine mentioned above. Thus, The Managing Partner of the Resultat Law Firm Maxim Polishkevych emphasizes […] Read more

Dec, 16, 2015

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  • Legal services for IT-business

Less than two months of our new site

For less than two months of our new site, its integrity and efficiency have been tested twice. At first the Russian version of the site was cracked, and several days later all the three versions were cracked. We are glad to inform you that now the Site of Rezultat Law Firm has been already renewed […] Read more

Sep, 06, 2015


Does fee rate increase lead to local budget increase?

June 25, 2015 Cherkasy City Council adopted decision № 2-1312 about interest rates of local taxes and fees in Cherkasy. The decision states the following interest rates on land rent: gas stations – 12%, gambling business – 12 %, land under temporary structures – 10%, other commercial land – 3%. The decision shall enter into […] Read more

Jul, 20, 2015


In the matter of redemption of land on which real property is situated the legislation of Ukraine is on the side of the property owners. So if the applicant complied with the requirements of the Land Code of Ukraine, the City Council must decide to  sale this land. The refusal of land sale on the grounds of price undercutting was not legitimate because, according to the Code, the appraiser is selected by Council.

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The Memorandum of Cooperation is sighed

As part of the practice of business immigration and promotion access to EU markets, Law Firm Rezultat and Visa Agency European Center sighed The Memorandum of Cooperation. We agreed on common study, consultation, division of experience and knowledge. eurocenter.ck.ua     all news

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