Ukraine Real Estate Club

We are glad to announce some good news

The Rezultat law firm and personally Maxim Polishkevych have become members of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club.

The URE Club (Ukrainian Real Estate Club) is a professional organization that brings together local and international experts and practitioners of the Ukrainian real estate market. The Club’s joint mission is to develop the market, improve its investment attractiveness and acceptance by the international business community.

The URE Club members are the owners and top managers of companies, business managers, heads of international missions, development and construction companies, as well as companies from related branches—investment, banking, law, design, and that of architecture.

Such firm’s step is due to the expansion of practice of construction activities support. We constantly need to go beyond the region, and sometimes beyond the country, to solve the problems of our Clients. We are constantly looking for opportunities to communicate with the industry leaders and take on the best practices in order to pass them on to our Clients.

We thank the URE Club and look forward to fruitful cooperation.