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Rights of access to information

Rights of access to information are clearly defined in the Law of Ukraine “On Access to the Public Information”, which was adopted in 2011. According to this Law, the public information is any information, which is available in national or local authorities, and which is not regarded as information with limited access. For obtaining of valuable public information you may apply to any public or local authorities, as well as to all the companies which have information about the state of the environment, the quality of food and other products, as well as disasters, natural hazards and other emergency situations that have occurred or may occur and threaten the health and safety of citizens.

Rights of access to information about a person are clearly described in the Law of Ukraine mentioned above. Thus, The Managing Partner of the Resultat Law Firm Maxim Polishkevych emphasizes […] Read more

Dec, 16, 2015

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Does fee rate increase lead to local budget increase?

June 25, 2015 Cherkasy City Council adopted decision № 2-1312 about interest rates of local taxes and fees in Cherkasy. The decision states the following interest rates on land rent: gas stations – 12%, gambling business – 12 %, land under temporary structures – 10%, other commercial land – 3%. The decision shall enter into […] Read more

Jul, 20, 2015


Maxim Polishkevych says about registration of land lease agreements

The representative of the peasants Maxim Polishkevych says: the speed of registration agreements shows subjective interest of registration service in this process. Hundreds of thousands unregistered agreements are there, but they start to register these. – argues lawyer Full text of Ukrainian article vechirka.net     all news

About Cherkassy elections

“Gromadska solidarnist” was thirteenth number. VO “Solidarnist” was forteenth. Not every voter when looking at ballot, Your Honor, can distinguish these two political forces.

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Maxim Polishkevych took part in the discussion of the application of Criminal Procedure Code

“If person can`t afford to hire good specialist, state doesn`t  guarantee quality work of free advocate. Who will be more motivated to help defendant: free advocate or mother? Mother is ready not only to learn Criminal Procedure Code by heart but do all possible to save her son”- said Polishkevych Full text of Ukrainian article […] Read more

Mar, 05, 2013



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